Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore

A modern, luxurious 6-star Columbarium.

Premium Niches and Ancestral Pedestals

Located at Old Chua Chu Kang, Singapore, our award winning, 6-star Private Columbarium and Cremation Niches are modern and constructed with exquisite materials and craftmanship, combining the best of both Western and Asian styles. They are well maintained and built with Feng Shui principles in mind, with many different capacities to suit everyone’s requirements!

Our Ancestral Pedestals are crafted using high-quality crystal, giving a contemporary look.

Chinese Afterlife Services by Seasoned Professionals

Nirvana Memorial Garden Funeral

We offer:

49 days An Ling Prayer Service

Departure Ceremony

Chauffeured Bone Picking Service

0% Interest Installment Plans

0% interest installment plans are available to ease any financial pressures.

One-time Maintenance Fee

No hidden or annual fees are charged.

Prayer Ceremonies on Special Dates

Prayers will be conducted on occasions such as Chinese New Year and Qing Ming festival.

We also offer luxurious:
  • Funeral Services (New Maserati Hearse available!)
  • Prayer Services
  • Urns and more.

Nirvana Memorial Garden can help with exhumation and relocation, including from other columbariums.

Additionally, there are December 2022 promotional prices on certain products, up to 35% off. Contact Xiao Yu 小雨 at 90272598 to find out more!

Six-star Private Columbarium with Excellent Feng Shui

nirvana memorial garden building

Nirvana Memorial Garden is a modern, luxurious 6-star private columbarium located at Old Chua Chu Kang. The first in Singapore to incorporate both traditional Chinese design with modern elements, every niche room is carefully planned and built with auspicious Feng Shui principles in mind. 

As Nirvana is fully air conditioned, it is the ideal resting place for you and your loved ones. It is built with a southeast orientation, following a lotus “sky dome” design that balances both Yin and Yang elements.

The centrally located main hall of Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore contains a spacious entrance bordered by a meticulously crafted jade belt path, guarded by three golden Buddhas. This invites good Qi energy to flow throughout!

Why purchase cremation niches?

Importance of Afterlife Preplanning

No one knows what the future holds for us, but we can make plans and voice out our wishes on our end-of-life arrangements.

Why should you do afterlife pre-planning?

  1. Avoid family members getting taken advantage of, and make hasty decisions during the bereavement period
  2. Customise and plan your afterlife arrangements to your own requirements
  3. Allows elders to live their final stage of life with satisfaction
  4. Ease pressure off future generations, without burdening them with funeral arrangements
  5. Purchase at cheaper prices, as prices will increase in the future due to inflation
We offer 0% interest installment plans to ease any financial pressures, allowing you to make a better choice.

Xiao Yu 小雨

District Service Director

Xiao Yu

With over 10 years of experience in Nirvana Memorial Garden, District Service Director Xiao Yu 小雨 is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide top-notch professional service for you. 

I am friendly and familiar with Nirvana Memorial Garden, so I am sure to provide the most excellent customer service!

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